Empowering Sustainable Mobility,
One Ride at a Time.

Tech Meets Green:
The Acer-eBikeGo Journey

At eBikeGo, we’ve always been driven by the vision of sustainable and efficient transportation solutions. Our journey in electric mobility found a synergistic match in Acer, a global leader in technology with a rich legacy of innovation. This partnership brings together eBikeGo’s expertise in electric mobility and Acer’s technological brilliance, setting the stage for a transformative urban commuting experience in India.

About eBikeGo

Founded in 2019, eBikeGo has been championing the cause of eco-friendly and efficient transportation solutions in India. With a vision to transform urban commuting, eBikeGo has been instrumental in introducing electric vehicles that are not just environment-friendly but also pocket-friendly.

Our collaboration with Acer is a testament to our shared vision for a greener, more sustainable future.

The wheel of innovation never stops turning, and we’re not planning to anytime soon.

Charting the Road Ahead

The MUVI 125 4G marks just the beginning of our journey in reshaping India’s electric vehicle landscape. As the first EV model under the Acer brand in India, it sets the tone for what’s to come. In the near future, we plan to expand our portfolio, introducing a range of 2 and 3-wheeler EVs, from e-bicycles to e-trikes, ensuring that there’s an eco-friendly ride for everyone.

Accelerating sustainable city rides, eBikeGo and Acer drive urban mobility forward together.

Fuel your city exploration with tech-enhanced rides, defining a bold urban mobility experience.